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Restore leaning monuments, level flat markers and protect the safety and aesthetic of your prestigious cemetery in a few simple steps. No hauling heavy concrete, no drying time and, more importantly, no hassle! Carry this light system with ease at all times and you’ll find yourself confident, knowing that both you and the system will get the job done quickly and effectively.


Recycled-plastic 3d geocell

Using recycled Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE), combined with a specific engineered shape, MonuGrid is much stronger and more flexible than concrete because it deflects the weight that a headstone or monument applies to the soil, where concrete only applies more weight. And because the soil or aggregate is contained within multiple little cells, MonuGrid keeps everything confined and in place, permanently.


Installs quickly and easily

No hauling heavy cement bags and no drying time means that you can save time while repairing monuments of all kinds, so that you can put more effort in other projects. When you're between projects, carry this light system with you at all times, and take a few minutes to repair a monument and get your cemetery looking new, having the peace of mind that it will remain that way. All you need is MonuGrid, a shovel and some gravel or clear stone.


decorate the base in a various ways

A monument or headstone is a way to remember a friend or loved-one, so why not make it look beautiful. Because of the incredible strength of MonuGrid, it's very easy to finish the surface in grass, so that it appears invisible. Other great ways of decorating is with a decorative stone. When the stones are confined to the cells in the MonuGrid base, they're prevented from migrating away, which protects your hard work from being damaged by maintenance vehicles.