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We have been using the MonuGrid™ system for a couple of years in both the re-levelling and installation of flat markers, as well as replacing failing concrete foundations. Our staff are very happy with MonuGrid™, its ease of installation and durability. By using MonuGrid™, we were able to increase significantly the number of repairs we do on a yearly basis, contributing to a safer cemetery.
— John Perrotta - Director of Cemeteries, City of Hamilton

We started installing HandyGrid as a base under our structures a few years ago, and not a single structure has shifted during spring thaw, regardless of the amount of rain. HandyGrid is far more cost effective for clients than a concrete pad; less time consuming for our teams to install than concrete or gravel and it offers outstanding stability and drainage. HandyGrid is a ‘must have’ when we’re building in newer developments, in gardens and in areas that tend to retain water. This product gets an A+!
— Paula, Summit Sheds and Structures

We started using MonuGrid several months ago as a test and were blown away by the quality of the product and how easy it is to install. Our staff also likes it because there is no more concrete to mix or pre poured foundations to lift. Monuments arrive and are installed the same day, customer service has improved and potential injuries have decreased, we couldn’t be happier.
— Keenan, Curlew Hills Memory Gardens

We found that using HandyGrid through IOWAT was a win,win situation. A win for our client who’s costs are kept low to make a base AND a win for our company as the base construction takes no time at all when comparing to traditional concrete bases; as well, using the Grid is also keeping waste material handling very low as depth requirements are cut by 80%.

We found that Jonathan’s work ethic matched our efforts in providing world-class service and he sells a great product for a very affordable price.

You would be wise to go with IOWAT Group Inc.
— André, Beachcomber Hot Tubs

I can’t say enough good things about [MonuGrid]. We have had an unbelievably wet Spring and first part of Summer. Having the MonuGrid product has really helped expedite getting memorials set this year. The ease of use and time we save not mixing concrete has made our grounds staff efficient and gave us the opportunity to catch up and stay ahead of the work load. I’ll admit as a 20 year veteran I was a little skeptical at first, but so far I am not disappointed in the product.
— Jason, Elmhurst Cemetery

We love your tiles, we use them constantly on our job sites to protect our customers’ grass. I Also used them to move a 1000 lbs spa in my backyard, the tiles made it so we could displace the tub easily without damaging the sod. The best part is, when you’re done with them they are light enough to store in your SUV or truck. Every landscaper, pool/spa installers and construction company needs this tool in their trucks!
— Simon, Construction Garbarino