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Whether it’s raining, snowing, or scorching hot, RigidLawnTM will outlast plywood because of the unique blend of recycled plastic from which it’s made of. This means that it will hold up to 350 Tonnes/M2 in all weather conditions! And the best part is that each tile is very light at only 1.36 kg.


Engineered 3d Geocell

RigidLawn's unique lug-and-slot attachment mechanism means installing it is done easily and quickly, so you can get to work. Weighing on 1.36 kg per tile makes it the easiest grass protection system to carry anywhere, anytime.


Protects grass

With its super-strong & flexible recycled plastic Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE), RigidLawn is capable of withstanding 350 Tonnes/M while spreading the weight evenly. This means the grass surface stays undamaged.


Flexible Design

Because RigidLawn can be detached to individual tiles of 50cm x 50cm, it makes the system usable in many different ways, simultaneously. Having a small amount will have a very large impact on your productivity, and you wallet.