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Go concrete-free with MonuGrid!  Restore leaning monuments, level flat markers and protect the safety and aesthetic of your prestigious cemetery in a few easy steps. No hauling heavy concrete, no drying time and, more importantly, no hassle!  Carry this light system with ease at all times and you'll find yourself confident, knowing that both you and the system will get the job done quickly and effectively.  Learn More

Replace a concrete base in less than 60 minutes!  Learn More



Whether it's raining, snowing or scorching hot, RigidLawn will outlast plywood because of the unique blend of recycled plastic from which it's made of. This means that it will hold up to 350 Tonnes/M2 in all weather conditions!  And the best part is that each tile is very light at only 1.36 kg. It's even easier to install because of the lug-and-slot attachment.  Learn More

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PathForce  Path Reinforcement

PathForce is the perfect choice for reinforcing your gravel or grass trails and access roads, because it prevents rutting and potholes and preserves the soundness of your roads, immediately. And because PathForce is just as easy to maintain, as it is to install, you can drive heavy vehicles on it regularly with total peace of mind. 

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Stormwater Management

Stormwater management is a growing problem and in recent years, with an aging infrastructure, the problem is spiralling out of control. Storwmater can be defined as any source of water that flows into the water management system of a city or municipality. Most commonly rain water, water generated by sources such as hoses and melting snow. Our solutions provide permeable surfaces to reduce the amount of water run-off being diverted into the public water treatment system. Our solutions can be installed in both commercial and residential applications.