The Simpler, Smarter Do-It-Yourself project is now possible with HandyGrid! HandyGrid is a versatile product that allows you to create do-it-yourself concrete-free base projects around your house and cottage. It’s also super-easy to maintain because of its permeable design, and the rugged shape and materials used to create it. 

USE HANDYGRID FOR: hot tub base, shed base, interlock paver support, tree root protection, extended laneway, boat/RV parking, deck block support, erosion control, etc. All these applications can be finished in your choice of gravel or grass. 


concrete-free Hot tub base

The most secure and cost-effective way to build a base for your hot tub, is using HandyGrid. Installing HandyGrid requires very little work and virtually no maintenance because of HandyGrid's unique shape and design. Much like a snow-shoe, HandyGrid deflects weight of heavy objects and makes them feel much lighter to the soil underneath. This means you only have to excavate 6 inches and there's no waiting. Go ahead and use HandyGrid today!


Interlock paver support

By placing a layer of HandyGrid directly under your permeable interlock pavers, you are reinforcing the permeable base, allowing water to drain through while keeping all the aggregates in place, continuously. This means that the lifespan of your project will be extended, instantly. Ask us how! or Download an Installation Guide


Permeable surfacing

Our newest partners, PurePave, located in Ottawa, ON, are the leaders in permeable asphalt for both residential and commercial applications. Their professionalism, quality of work and passion for keeping the planet clean, makes PurePave a perfect fit for IOWAT Group Inc's mission and purpose. Ask us more about permeable asphalt here.

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